Publication charges

Published articles of Mirror of research in veterinary Sciences and animals are open access. This effectively removes the barriers for timely distribution of the articles and ensures that they can be read by as many as possible. 125$ is the publication fees. Payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer, money order or check. Instruction for payment is sent during publication process and is also available in the manuscript login page as soon as manuscript is accepted. Publication fee is required to cover the cost of publication, and should be paid before copyediting and publication. Please read the instructions carefully in order to submit a new article. This is a sample paper click here to download. Please model your papper on the sample paper provided in the link.

Please read the following instruction carefully for speedy publication of your manuscript. The editor reserves the right to return the manuscript if it is not prepared according to the following instructions.

Preparation of manuscript

Manuscript should be prepared in English language. It must be clear and concise. All the manuscripts must comply with the journal instructions. Failure to do so will result in return of manuscript and delay in publication process. We ensure speedy review and publication process, therefore, authors cooperation is highly encouraged in this regards. Manuscript should be preferably prepared in Word 2003 and should be sent through email address ( for speedy review and publication process. Submission should be double spaced. All margins should be at least 2.5cm. All pages should be numbered consecutively on the lower right corner. Manuscript must be prepared in Time Roman style.


The title of the paper should be complete, comprehensive and should denote the essence of work.

Names of authors and their affiliations

Each author should be identified using superscript. The corresponding author name should also carry asterisk for identification.


The abstract should not be more 300 words. It should contain the objective, methods use to conduct the research, clear description of results and brief conclusion drawn from the results. References and discussion should not be included in this section.


Keywords should describe the studied problem as best possible. They should not be more than 6 words.


This section should provide information on importance of the problem and clear objective of the study. Every statement must be supported by literary source in journal that have been published to date. It is advised to provide recent references from impact factor journals. References containing one or two names of the authors should be cited by the names of the authors (e.g. Bille ,1991 or Brown and bille,1996). Any reference carrying more than 2 authors should be denoted by first author and et al. should be included (Fernandez-Garayzabal et al, 1996). If more than one paper is cited by the same set of authors they should be differentiated by year (1,2,3) both in the text and references. Several papers cited should be arranged according to the year in ascending manner.

Materials and Methods

All procedures, analytical methods, experimental design and preliminary materials should be provided with detail in this section. Relevant references should be quoted for a particular analytical methodology. Complete statistical procedures should be produced under separate heading of "statistical analysis".


In this section, results obtained should be recorded in text form and table data should not be repeated. All results should be clear and concise. The results from the experiment including their statistical detail should be presented graphically or in table form.


Discussion should be very solid and concrete. Detailed discussion must be produced in this section with relevant references preferably most recent citation should be included.


In this section, results obtained should be recorded in text form and table data should not be repeated. All results should be clear and concise. The results from the experiment including their statistical detail should be presented graphically or in table form.


A short conclusion of the study may be presented in section ,which may stands alone or form a subsection of discussio


List of references should be arranged alphabetically in the following style. Reference to a journal publication. Michaelis J, Kaletsch U, Burkart W and Grosche B. (1997) Infant leukemia after the Chernobyl Accident Nature 387, 246. Prasse KW, Heider LE, Maccabe AT(2007). Envisioning the Future of Veterinary Medicine: The Imperative for Change in Veterinary Medical Education. J Am Vet Med Assoc.231, 1340-2. Reference to a book: Quinn, P. J. Carter, M. E. Markey, B. and Carter, G. R. 2004. Clinical Veterinary microbiology. 6th ed. Mosby an imp. Wolf, London. Reference to a chapter in an edited book: Bille, J. Doyle, M.P. 1991. Listeria and Erysipelothrix. In A Balows, WJ Hausler Jr, KL Herrmann, HD Isenberg, HJ Shadomy, Manual of clinical microbiology, 5th ed. ASM Press, Washington DC. pp 287-295.


On acceptance of the manuscript, the authors will have to sign the copyright licence of the manuscript. As regard the transfer of rights, the corresponding author assumes responsibility of all authors. The submitted manuscripts is published on the understanding that all the authors are aware of the contents and are agree on the submission of the manuscript to this journal. The journal allow the author to hold the copyright without restriction. In addition the journal allow the author(s) to retain publishing rights without restriction.

Submission of the manuscript

The manuscript must be submitted through email address (